1100 California - Advice please

Hi, I’ve been away for a while and glad to be back.
I used to have a 1200 Norge but I’m now stalking an 1100 Cali.
I’m after some advice from owners, experts, enthusiasts on which year to go for.
I was set on the later ones or thereabouts.
Any best year or bad years to avoid. I’m up for getting a 1997 to 2012 as long as
it’s durable, reliable and comfy.

When I was looking at buying a 1997 EV the seller kindly pointed out the huge differences between 1100i and EV models. Worth a look into that area if you’re not up to speed.
The later EV’s with twin plugs are much better on fuel consumption which may be worth taking into account.
Any Guzzi event will have plenty of fans of the EV. Good all rounder.
I have some road test material on these. If you PM me I can arrange sight of it.
Be interested to hear other’s views.
Good luck

having owned a 948cc cali 3 a cali 1100 a calli1100i a cali 1100 ev( hydrolic valvs) and a cali 1100I ev I would go for the latest ev you can aforde, the hydro valv model is good but you need to be sertain that it has allways had the corect engine oil in it ie 5w 40 or 0w 60 race oil, I haven’t had a cali vintage but I do have a breva 1100 and the vintage uses the same motor, it’s the one i’d go for.

Cali vintage. Great looks, most developed motor, but they are all strong motors. I have a Cali Stone the basic model without the bling and proper foot rests (less to go rusty). Fitted with twin discs, no linking. Best improvement as I see is it is the stronger UJ compared to the older models. Better ride quality. Disapponitments on newer models compared to oldies like the T’s. Die casting used for various big alloy bits which results in an alloy suitable for process this being more reactive to the elements. Painting on this a problem. (Alloy cancer).
Eg hubs, bevel drive etc. Chrome better than old but still needs love. Mudguards thin. No 1100 Cali requires 0-60 oil that’s Guzzi being lazy and specifying a catch all oil! Needed on the newer oil cooled motors. The hydros need a 5w-something oil I recommend 5w 50 SG rated oil. The hydros seem quieter my mate has one. Just come back from Poland on my Stone, good economy, comfortable, load it to the gunnels, good handling seems better when partially loaded. 80mph cruising. They look ‘cool’. Er I think that’s it. So Cali vintage in black and white lovely.

Cali Stone, good on fuel cost too, eh Julian?

let it go JT.lol.

Many thanks for your valued advice gents…
I’ve spotted a 2002 Cali Stone. It’s older than I was looking for but it’s only covered 8K and seems pretty sound.


It’s only 30 miles from me, so going to look at it in a couple of days.