1100 Quota Toolkit

I’m not sure if this is the right place for Quota questions, but here goes. How is the the toolkit held into place on the 1100 Quota. I have the toolkit and the rubber strap but cannot fathom out how the strap is supposed to be attached to the frame. I am wondering if a have a bracket missing. Also are the original side panel screws still available? Mine have been replaced by socket head screws which means you have to secrete an Allen key somewhere on the bike to be able to remove the panel to get at the toolkit! Cheers Phil

Does the strap have a steel pin through each end?

Yes it does.

This is how it works on a V11.

Thanks, but the Quota is not like that. I think it is pretty unique in that the toolkit resides under the right hand side panel. The panel is really the bodywork as it stretches from the under the tank to the grab rail. The parts list shows the rubber belt (29728960), which I have. The inner mudguard has a hook Pop riveted to it which, I assume hold one end of the belt, my problem is that there is no hook elsewhere for the other end of the belt. I think I need someone who has a similar bike and can tell me the answer. Cheers Phil