1100 sport charging

the other day my red light came on the charging system after quick test rec/reg was shown 2b no good .
Ordered another one and fitted. This time red light goes out as it should .
Test it with metre at battery and its getting no charge ,what would be the best way of checking that I have out put from my alternator ,
Many thanks
this bike was one hell of a bad buy, problems,problems,problems but we can fix her again johnno2014-03-16 11:59:00

If battery goes > 12V then there’s output, if not, there isn’t. If rec/reg went duff then maybe some other fault took it out, need to check wiring, alternator winding(s) etc. HTH

Have a read of the workshop manual - page 163 onwards. Section 21 Electrickle.

The earthing on the case of the rec/reg is crucial. Any paint or rust in the way and you get no charge. The light is just an indicator, it is switched off when charging volts rise. If you have a multimeter capable of reading AC volts, connect it across the two yellow wires from the alternator and run the engine. You should see up to 50 volts AC there. If you see almost nothing there, you have an alternator problem. Further tests are possible if that is the case, but one step at a time.

Thank you that’s a good manual.
My bike is only showing 4volts at high revs , next problem is getting alternator cover off ,once off what would you check next
many thanks

Have a look at v11lemans.com. I had a problem with mine and there is a load of info on there. Replaced mine with an Electrex which works well.

Do you really mean FOUR volts?What were you checking and wher? There is nothing to see under the alternator cover. If you can check resistance, disconnect the two yellow wires from the reg unit and measure the resistance between them. It should be very low, less than one ohm. Then check the resistance between one yellow wire and earth, or the crankcase. This should be very high, or infinite.If either of these reading are not as suggested, then the alternator winding is faulty.The only other thing which can go wrong with the actual alternator is that the rotor can lose its magnetism in some circumstances. This will result in little or no output.

I doubt it would be running with 4v shown at the battery.have you got your meter set to dc scale? might be worth checking it on your cars battery to see if it’s reading correctly

I seem to recall someone with a similar problem who found one of the alternator wires was hanging by a thread. He had a reading of 6V before he fixed it. Might be worth a visual check.

the 4volts AC were from the 2 yellow wires from alternator . Brian I did your other tests for ohms and not looking good ,im now going for a visual look and checking readings from alternator connection points ,just in case the 2 yellow wires are in poor condition .MANY THANKS TO ALL
looks like a gravel trap in there,the outer ring casing that goes over the stator windings is broken . On the good side the engine sounds so sweet johnno2014-03-19 19:28:09

the stator and windings were welded together after cleaning them up and freeing the two parts off ,I tried again but it was not charging .
Quick phone call to Guy at GUTSIBITS and second hand ducati alternator arrived. Today I had the time to fit and once again everything is fine with 1100 sport . Thanks for all the help chaps

Winding may have shorted turns somewhere maybe, that would lower the Volts.

me nightmare of a 1100 sport is well sorted now after more than a few problems from engine and electrics .She passed her MOT and is rockin and rollin well good

Fab. Must get mine botr. I miss the challenge :slight_smile: