1100 Sport fuel sensor unit

Hello all.
Does anybody know where I can obtain a fuel sensor unit for a 1999 1100 sport, or if anyone can repair one? The part number is GU01103001. Thanks


Moto Guzzi Parts :: 1100 EV FUEL LEVEL SENSOR (#03103000) not the same part number but might fit?

or maybe this:

There isn’t one, the unit sold by everyone (in good faith) is far too tall with a huge reserve that cannot be changed. I’ve run out of fuel a couple of times now and so changed to petrol taps with reserves from Guy @ gutsibits and just ignore the fuel light.

I’ve only got one bike with a fuel gauge, the others i have to check the odometer, i try and fill them on 100 mile increments and use that as a guide to miles remaning

pity the parts being sold can’t be made to work right

Does this help with a repair?

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