1100 Sport i Wheels

I am thinking of putting some lightweight wheels on my 1100 sport - possibly Marchessinis. Has anyone out there already done this?

Any advice would be good.

Be careful because Marchesini is the same company as Brembo and Guzzi sell identical wheels branded as both.

Now that Dymag has stopped selling Guzzi wheels you basically have the choice of PVM or OZ wheels- if you factor in all the costs you are looking at around £2500 for a set of two, unless you can find some used ones. If you don’t mind paying that you will notice a massive difference and will be able to fit modern sticky rubber.

Hi Thanks for the advice, I am happy to pay £2.5k f it improves the bike and gives me more options on tyres.

Where do you suggest I buy them from - brand new?