1100 Sport Injection Fuel Pump

Does anyone know where the fuel pump is located on a 1998 1100 Sport Injection? I have had a good conversation with Richard at TAB II Classics (www.tabclassics.com) who could make a larger tank for me in the next 3/4 months - he would prefer that the fuel pump is not under the tank.

Any help and advice would be most welcome.

The Sport Injection workshop manual is available from the ‘manuals’ link - thisold tractor etc. - you’ll be able see it’s location in there.

guzzijack2012-12-06 14:37:33

On the V11 Le mans whilst it is under the tank as is the filter they kinda fit in the frame so to speak. There should be a way of fitting it eslewhere the Virago 's fuel pump is behind a side panel and a car fuel pump can be some way from the tank

at the front of the timing cover , just above alternator . iirc.

One other thing if you check the pressure needed, FI needs more then carbs then there are many alternative fuel pumps available

You might find this useful:-http://www.spanglefish.com/MGCGBHighlandBranch/library.aspdownload the efiman pdf.edit: the diagram on page 3 has the filter and pump a about t IIRC.

Mad Farquhar2012-12-07 16:53:24

Hi MF,
Thanks for this - very useful.

Let us know how the tank build goes. Not sure why you are going that method, my @rse is ready for a break at 150 miles to top up!

Mad Farquhar2012-12-07 21:36:32

Will do. Since I had memory foam inserts put in to the seat the bike is so much more comfortable. I want to do some serious distance trips and feel that a greater range (closer to 200 miles) would suit me better. I will keep you updated on progress and email you pictures of the finished Tank.

It might not fall into your “serious” trip range but check out the trips arranged for the Highland branch. There are one or 2 Sportis up here!

Will do, I had a couple of fantastic trips to the Highlands a few years ago on a Ducati Monster … I much prefer the 1100 Sporti