1100 Sport Injection Red Paint

Does anyone know the manufacturer name and reference number for the official Moto Guzzi Red paint for a 1998 Sport Injection and where I can buy it?

1100 Sport ie (KF) 1996 rosso 107 142 F 65202 (Colour is Lechler codes)

autopaint-pro.co.uk may be able to match itMad Farquhar2012-12-24 19:34:34

Great, thanks for letting me know.

Or tryGo to http://www.guzzimoto.com/ click on “Utilita’” , then CODICI COLORI per moto d’epoca

Wii do, thanks for the web link

For reference, many Guzzi paint codes are here, with links to other sources of information.
Brian UK2012-12-25 15:24:31

Hi Brian,
Thanks for this.

I found Mal at bike colours helpful too

01524 33700

he matched the rosso red on the V11 very well


although he is not very quick on e-mails

Thanks for this.