1100 Sport Tyre Pressures


I am asking for an overseas friend…
What are the book tyre pressures for this model, and what are people really using (1 up / 2 up / Motorway / trackday etc.)? Also, is there a difference depending on tyre make?


On my V11 running formerly Bridgestone fBT016 & rBT023, now T31 I run f36psi & r42psi on the road.
On a wet track for a twenty minute session, I back then off to f24psi & r28psi. On a hot day, f32psi % r36psi. I
PilotRoad I ran on the road at f32psi & r38psi.
Favour the PilotRoad in the wet, but the V11 tends to stay packed in the wet in favour of a small block Breva. That said, the T31 I have really tried in the wet.


Super! Tanks!