1100 Sporti front pads -recommendation?

Anyone out there have arecommendation for front pads for a 1100 Sporti? Its a whiles since I changed them and although there is still meat on the present ones I will change out when doing the next front end strip / inspect.

Mad Farquhar2012-10-11 09:46:24

Do NOT use Brembo …I find for Guzzis that Ferodo or EBC work well Brembos are awful pads.

EBC HH sintered pads. I’m convinced the Brembo pads knackered the discs on my 1200 Breva.

OK - ordered a set.Edit: A set of EBC HH pads. It certainly pays to shop around.These items are roughly about the same price but postage hahahahahahaha.I was quoted £15.98 for 4 days delivery and managed to end up paying £3.85. WTF! Do these numpties really think they are doing themselves a favour?The nutters are:ebc brakes direct - what are you thinking of? P&P of 37% of the cost of items -!The winner: Adam Hardy Ebay.Gutsibits were almost there.

Mad Farquhar2012-10-11 20:54:42

Brembo pads are absolute rubbish, no idea why but even on the V1000 the only time I fitted Brembo pads the material came away from the metal… never ever had that with Ferodo OR EBC pads and I have had Ferodo ones “waffer thin!”

Thanks for the info.
I was about to ask same question but for a Breva
EBC from Gutsibits about £50 for complete set…

Mailing charges to “remote” parts of the UK are a joke. Parcelforce is the only real “honest” option. Indeed I specify Parcelforce as carrier when I order bits. If the vendor doesn’t agree or uses FedUp or DUL then the phone goes down and I order from local business. Using p&p charges to offset discounted item prices is also duplicitous.

You could do worse than mail order from Corsa Italiana. They use Parcelforce.

Guess what the postie just brought! Posted Southampton 11/10/12, arrived Black Isle 1130 12/10/12. Now that’s service - very well done Royal Mail.

Mad Farquhar2012-10-12 11:58:51

To my surprise, I completely agree, ParcelForce really have their act together now.
I recently sent a pair of rims and hubs off for rebuild by Hagon. After some shopping around I picked ParcelForce as the only company offering same day pick-up, ordered on-line and the van arrived within the hour!! The total cost to me was about £10. So, fastest, cheapest and best, well done!

PS: Sorry about the thread hijack

PPS: Oh, and I agreem EBC HH pads are the ones to go forlawries2012-10-13 06:07:50

EBC HH now fitted. Old ones checked on removal - Brembo! Will be interesting going over to Kinlochleven today to see how they perform.