1100 Sporti with Quill Exhaust

Jim Blomley of JB Racing has just fitted a cross-over pipe and Quill Carbon Cans on to my Sporti - what an amazing improvement, they look great, sound fantastic and make the bike run so much better.

Jim clearly knows his stuff when it comes to Italian bikes, I will be returning to his workshop early in 2014 for the next stages of the upgrade to my bike … will post some pictures soon.

Some sound would be good as well :slight_smile:

I often wonder what mine sounds like at WOT but it’s obviously difficult with a full face helmet and ear plugs.
Mrs MF says she can hear me, whilst she is outside, from about a mile off on the top road but there again it is rural. It certainly sets up the geese from the shore line and it’s a toss up whether to listen to the bike or stop and listen to a couple of hundred unsettled geese.

I take it it’s the standard Marelli ecu & setup or have you had a “gizmo” fitted?

Hi Gavin,
I have the standard ECU at the moment. I am returning to JB Racing in 2014 to look at various upgrades - this going to be one seriously quick Sporti by the time I visit you in the Highland!

Hello Aldo,Any chance of a picture. I’m trying to locate Termi for my Daytona Racing. A gent on here has supplied the pipes and cross over but I’m looking at options for silencers. I used to own a Sport inj with full termi, K&Ns with chip. It was truly amazing.Thanks,Regards,Paul.
rufuss2014-04-19 21:36:29

Hi Rufuss, The bike is with Moto Corsa - I will check if I have a photo of the bike with the new pipes … they look really good.

Thanks Aldo,Look forward to that.Kind regards,Paul.

Had a lot of fun in the Alpine tunnels with my V11 running Quill cans and crossover decat’. Rolling on and off the throttle in 3rd would just bring it on cam just be low the speed limit. My room mate was concerned I’d nodded off as it sounded like I was snoring.