1100I cally braking query?

Does the linked junction box do anything more than just allow the pipes to join up there? Is there a specific bias between the front and rear brake or 50/50? I am in a quandry about the hoses, I have leading links so the new goodridge hose kit wont fit, I may need to make a set up to suit so can I run a double banjo on the rear master cylinder and just run two hoses, 1 front 1 rear? I am also contemplating a rear being linked to the chair while the front are de-linked and run together from a bigger master cylinder.

Advice welcomed?

AFAIK pressure goes initialy to the rear only then to the front as pressure is increased. Division of pressure is dependent on load. Running 2 separate hoses won’t make a huge difference but it will make some.
I stand to be corrected

Does it include some sort of control valve then? Otherwise pressure is equal.

Any other designed variation front versus rear is usually by disc diameter / pad size.

Appendix ~ e.g. front discs tend to be larger diameter, also on cars, or the rear is drum(s), ergo braking force is biased to the front typically

on my t5 its just a manifold, no valves or trickery… the holes look to be different sizes but thats only by eye

On all the later models there is some pressure regulation built in to that junction box. See other threads on this.

spoke to motomecca today, he said if its got a bleed nipple it has differential output, if not its just a manifold. I have sussed out the goodridge hose set that came with the bike, off to pirtek in bristol tommorow to see if they will replicate the fronts plus 8 inches.

Does the bike have a proportioning valve on the frame with a spring attached to the swingarm?If so it’s not a simple splitter and you might want to do a bit of research into how best to adapt it for your intended use.

Now was it me for advice on sidecars I would ask the Nat sidecar Fed they helped my Bro when he ran a Guzzi and double adult chair …huge thing it was BUT I seem to recall them not reccomending the sidecar wheel be braked, causes stability problems but no way do I know they scare me to death.

If I wanted 3 wheels I would build a Trike, and then it would still scare me and I have ridden a sidecar outfit and more than one trike I have DEEP respect for those who ride them regularly…

The issue with trikes, I did consider this when we became parents, is keeping the sprog dry. Also, fit a chair and bike insurance drops by 20%, trike it and it doubles.This may no longer be the case but it certainly made up my mind.SIDECARS are the future.