1100i Sport Fuel Tank

Now that I have made the seat more comfortable, I wish I had greater mileage between stopping to refuel. Does anyone know if a larger fuel tank is manufactured for the 1100i Sport?

the tank shop used to do a bigger tank but you would have to wait a year and there not cheap £450http://www.thetankshop.com/

Thanks for the advice, I will contact them and see what they can do

Hi Keith,

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Tank Shop, I have placed an order for a 24 litre tank - it will be ready June 2013, but I think it will be worth the wait.


he does do fantastic work,but dont be surprised if it is after june

I am not counting on a June delivery - it would be good to get the larger tank fitted before my trip to Italy next year!

John at the Tank Shop made a beautiful 27 litre tank and bodywork for my cafe racer but it took 18 months in the end- worth keeping in regular touch with him.

Hi Guy,
Thanks for letting me know, I will call home early in 2013 to see how things are progressing.

How about this for an idea

That is my old V11 Rosso Corsa now owned by Bruce Rawsthorne who fitted the T3 Tank and Triumph T595 tail.

Hiya Guy
I met him at the Oxford meet back in August, apparently he uses this tank on all his bikes! Sounds like it is quite a trick bike, well modded

Was the tank made my John Williams? What else have you done to this bike?

Looks like a standard T3/G5/V1000/Spada tank, nice job that very nice indeed and will solve the problem of deforming plastic tanks, BUT they do not hold more fuel than the V11 tank!! guzzibear2012-12-02 09:30:45

Thought a T3 tank was 24 litres- the Rosso Corsa tank was 20.6 litres.Bruce will have lost half a litre or so by fitting the fuel pump inside the T3 tank but overall still an extra 3 litres or so. Not my cup of tea though- prefer the looks of the standard V11 tank myself.

I agree, I like the shape of the existing tank on my 1100 Sport - I hope that John Williams will be able to create a bigger capacity tank whilst not destroying the beauty of the original shape of the bike.

The rosso corsa must be different to the V11 Le Mans then, as the fuel pump on my V11 (2002) is under the tank. Whilst the T3 type tanks SAY 24 litres can’t often get much more than 20 litres in them if you have it on the sidestand.

Top right up in Summer on the centre stand and by the time you come back from paying for it you may find fuel ooozing from the breather. I tend to top it to the bottom of the filler neck as fuel spillage is no fun at all and to be honest I really do not need to go more than 150 miles in any one go so a comfort stop and fuel up is pretty easy.

I have found over the years there is not, for me, much fun in going on till it gets uncomfy and thereore loosing the enjoyment, the longdistance bum numbing stuff is not for me any fun at all.

Now that the seat on my 1100 Sport is so much more comfortable, I really want the have a range closer to 200 miles. I have some trips planned to Italy next year : Lake Como, Reggio Calabria so want to reduce the number of stops as some of them will be fairly short time wise.