1200 4V - exhaust studs

Does anyone know of a stainless equivalent of the exhaust stud or if you can get copper nuts; I have seen the old 850’s etc do them but different sizing

the Stud P/No is GU827018 → now B017636 size wise is M8X3X46 [not sure that the 3 is for though]

the nut is pretty unique too (supposed to be a M8 (P/No GU92660021)) takes 10mm spanner, think I have found that it is a K nut

Winter and salt means the stud wants to come out and not the nut coming off


Stainless studs can be difficult to get in the right sizes. I make my own from stainless bar. The thread lengths are correct then!
I can recommend :
They also advertise in the magazine.

I’ll have a look

So - are they M10 with 1.5 pitch (Westfield has that spec)? Thanks.

As an aside, and not of immediate help; I use the OE studs but swap the nuts for SS acorns, fitted with a good smear of copper slip. Always then seem to unscrew properly when required.