1200 8v & luggage

So I made a rather rash purchase for what I thought was a give-away bargain price off a well known on-line auction site of set of panniers for my 2012 1200 8v Sport. Trouble is the left side pannier fouls the rather large OEM exhaust. Although sold as fitting the 1200, I’m guessing the boxes where originally intended for a Breva or a 4v model? All the mountings fit perfectly as does the right side box. So, before I throw my hands in the air and put it all back up for sale - just wondering if anyone else might have had a similar experience and found a solution. I,e. - would an after market exhaust help (smaller, lower), is there a fabricator who could modify the existing exhaust to fit, could the box be modified (cut a lump out and reshape it - can you do that with ABS plastics? Long shot that one).

Comments welcomed,
Rich Humby

I fitted a GPR silencer which is less bulky, may be worth looking for any pictures on the Internet to get an idea or if not at one of the rallies. The festival is only 2 weeks away.

The exhaust silencer lowers, you should have been supplied with a bracket which fits between the mounting point on the silencer and the bracket near the rear footpeg, you simply slacken off the large circlip type bracket where the silencer fits onto expansion box, insert said bracket and tighten up circlip. 10 min job. provided you have bracket of course…Do not go modifing boxes, exhaust etc. pm me your mobile number and i’ll send you some pics if you like.My boxes came off an 1100 breva and are now on my 2012 sport.

Thanks - sounds encouraging. The boxes didn’t come with all the fittings and I’ve had get those through Gutsibits - at three times the cost of the boxes :slight_smile:

I wondered about dropping the pipe but wasn’t sure about ground clearance. I don’t fancy going through the process of ordering more parts - it’ll be winter if I do that. Would appreciate your offer of pics - PM follows - as I have been wondering about fabricating a hanger extension myself,

Pictures on way… good luck !

Just to follow up and conclude this story - I successfully made a lowering bracket with a small piece of stainless steel. Boxes now fitted and tested through France, Andorra & Spain. The pipe will hit the ground however if I’m riding enthusiastically (which is what Andorra and Catalunya is made for :slight_smile: ).