1200 Sport (2v) Snatchy Throttle Question

Having been riding carb’ed bikes for years I find the throttle response of my 2008 1200 (2v) Sport to be a little abrupt.

The solution seems to be either the GutsiBits BoosterPlug (£129) or the Mistral plug (90 euros) - can anybody tell me their experience with either please? The Mistral appears to be almost £40 cheaper than the BoosterPlug (which could go towards a hugger) - is this a false economy in anybody’s experience (e.g. reliability, etc.), they both appear to work by accessing the sensor in the airbox & the benefits appear to be identical?

I posted this also to the FB page, but it seems to have disappeared without trace!

Thanks, Mike

You seem to have plenty of replies on FB now.

Finebau forge used to be the go to at one time. Not sure if they are still going or not

Web site no longer exists so I guess not. He was seriously ill couple of years ago and I’ve not heard anything more about him since. Used to be ‘940V’ on here.

Thank you both for your responses, I’m sifting through the slightly conflicting input on FB - this is my first Guzzi so steep learning curve!

I’ve no problem pulling my Commando apart, but I find the Guzzi a little more complicated with all the electrical stuff; it seems I now need a service & looking through the previous owner’s notes there’s a fair bit to do (both plugs, tappets, forks, etc.) so it may be worth adding a fuel injection reset to the list.



I think you will need some kind of compensator. No amount of servicing would fix the throttle abruptness on my G11.

I have a Finebau I don’t use any more

I don’t have FB but assume that you have been asked to check the slackness of your throttle cables, also the lower the gear the more the snatch so to speak, so smotther pickup in 3rd for instance.

You should certainly do a service before fitting a compensator. At least valve clearances, minimising throttle free play, and ensure throttle bodies are properly balanced. Always worth having a look at the fuel filter as well if you have not already (plenty on here about that, the plastic bodied ones can fail suddenly)

They all are snatchy to some extent I think, but I have gradually got used to it to be honest. I have not tried the compensator as there is always something more pressing to spend money on.

Following this thread as your problem seems very similar to my Norge 2v. Have you managed to overcome the problem yet?

Can the 4V (2-per-Head) 1200s be remapped like the 8Vs, via GuzziDiag (Read/Write)?

If so, do that rather than fit one of those crude Sensor Foolers.
They can wreck Engines long-term, by over-richening the mixture.

No news yet, the bike has been @ the shop since July 16th, there’s been no rush as my collarbone needs pinning, I’ve managed a few rides on the Commando, just need to take a break after 40 miles or so as the area gets a bit tender. I’m trying to be sensible, not riding at night or in the wet.

I’ve spoken with V-Duo in Lincoln today & was told it would be the next bike onto the ramp, so should be ready for the middle of next week (when the weather will turn to rain again!); if I hear anything in the meantime I will post.

I also had a separate conversation with Baldrick (who called me back at 7pm or thereabouts & was extremely helpful), if V-Duo can’t sort the issue out I’ll be down to see him - that will of course be dependent upon the timing of the required op. :frowning:


‘Beetle’ does a Map for the 4V 1200 Engines (2V per Head).
Heard/Read nothing but praise for his stuff.