1200 sport 2v

After trading my much loved 2014 Stelvio for a 2015 Triumph Explorer (sadly the Stelvio just didn’t have enough grunt when fully loaded) I was soon missing that big twin. In April of this year I thought I could fill that gap with a 2006 1000ds Multistrada.

The Multistrada just wasn’t for me and I’ve just been able to do a deal on a 2008 V12 sport 2V which I’m picking up on Monday 1st Aug.
The Sport is generally in good condition having done 24000mls with a full history. However the bike has spent much of it’s life, when not being ridden, under a cover outside and most of the fastenings are a bit tarnished.

My intention is to ride the bike for the rest of the year and give it some light restoration over the winter.
I’d like to start gathering a few bits and pieces over the next few months starting with stainless fastenings.

Having never really done anything like this before I’m after a bit of advice.

Best place for obtaining stainless bolts and fastenings.

Is there a list of fastenings anywhere, or is it a case of measuring each piece you need and making an order list.



Find your local plant and fixings shop. They usually offer the best deal in st/st stuff. Take the screws etc out and measure - make a list and ask them to quote. Remember to get washers. It’s a pita to find you have bits missing when you go for it. Some firms quote for packs - you will pay for them to do the stock check and I usually find it’s a simple logical job. Save some sovs - diy.

Welcome back to the fold Steve



Cheers Chris,
I’ll see if I can get to Wetwang on Tuesday

Excellent. it will be great to see you