1200 Sport 4v (or Griso poss)

Hi all ! I am considering buying a 1200 Sport 4v and noticed they been out a few years. Are there any material changes between the model years, in terms of rideability or reliability?I don’t know whether to get latest model year or save a few thousand on an early 4v.I am not 100% decided on the Sport over the Griso so same question could apply there, I hesitated over the Griso because (a) I’m tall, and (b) I do enough 2-up long distance high speed miles thanksTonyP.S. I don’t want to a fully faired Norge

both 1200 sport and Griso came in two models 1200 sport came as 2 valve per cylinder ( often referred to as 2 valve) bullet proof motor later version was high cam 4 valve per cylinder(often referred to as 8 Valve motor) this motor has had a few cams wear issues on some bikes but by no means all. Griso first came out as 1100 2 valve no known engine problems later model Griso 1200 high cam 4 valve per cylinder again some cam wear issues now rectified but some of the older bikes are still having the cams replaced buy Manufacturer even though bikes affected are out of warranty provided full service history .Don’t be afraid to buy 8 valve high cam bike just ensure it has full dealer service history.
Regards Keith 8 Valve Eagle2014-01-24 20:17:43

You can tour on pretty much anything but having been lucky enough to own a griso a while back and a 1200 sport now there is no doubt in my mind the the sport is way better for two up and touring. Both lovely bikes though.

I found the Griso too small for me (6’2") and also too small for two up. 1200 sport works well for me and the pannier kit is great too (no scaffolding when they are off). The only thing I find is the seat is not that great for long distance but easily sorted with an Airhawk or gel seat.

I sat on Sport & Griso and agree the Sport is the way to go for a tall rider going 2 up.

Has proved difficult to find a demo Sport in or near Surrey and I’m reluctant to put £10k into a bike I never ridden. I guess new Sport sales & profit do not justify the cost of putting Sports on demo.

I am waiting for local dealers to get a part exchange Sport to ride but who knows when that’ll happen? If nothing turns up soon I may end up on a Z1000SX or VFR800 simply because they’re more accessible.

Thanks for confirming the Sport was the model to look at, you were spot on, and it looks fab in the 2012/13 red/white colours.


Speak to Paul Harris at corsa Italiana they are at Hersham in Surrey and will be thinking about what demonstrators to put on the road in the next few weeks if you are genuinely interested they might be able to help


Thanks for tip. Yes visited Corsa Italiana. Paul’s great guy but he’s not getting a Sport demo. Paul (and other local Guzzi dealers) have my name and will give me a call if/when a Sport comes in px but that could be anytime.

Another dealer said the Guzzi wouldn’t provide him any support for a Sport demonstrator, unlike a couple of other models.

Darn hard buying a Guzzi, such a shame. I guess if you owned a Guzzi before it’s OK cos you know already.


the norge and stelvio use the same motor as the sport the norge also uses the same frame and fuel tank so take a norge for a test ride that will give you a feel for the sport I ride a stelvio and it is the most comfortable bike I have ridden the wife agrees as a passenger so that is worth trying as well, makes a great long distance Touring bike especially the new model with the 32 litre tank

Job Done. Guzzi Sport bought. Collection 1st March. Thanks for suggestions. Never got a test ride. May be disappointed, don’t know, don’t care, it’s only money should I decide to change out for a Kwasaki! Ha (cue demented laugh!)


Nice one

That must be the third new Guzzi I have heard about bring ordered in the last week. They will be mainstream before long


Great choice. It’ll put a smile on your face every time you ride it.

Which dealer have you ordered your bike from

There’s the rub. I got it from In Moto in Croydon. I would prefer to buy locally, from Corsa Italiana, but it didn’t work out


Just get on it and ride it for a few hours you will grin. Guzzis have a something, never mind the top speed ride the tourque it always makes me grin…alot

Be very careful tho’ as IF that there Guzzi bug bites ya the venom is very powerful and you end up with more than one with NO reasonable OR rational explaination. Of course if you have an adverse reaction to it then you get rid real fast and never go back to Guzzi…

Hmmm I wonder… be carefull of the bugs , every Guzzi has them