1200 Sport 4V rear brake

On my late model 1200 Sport 4V, I’m finding that the rear brake locks up the back wheel too easily. Â I’ve considered fitting different brake pads (eg: Brembo 07BB0435) but am not sure if these will be less fierce than the OE pads.
 (According to their code the OE pads on this bike are also recommended for off road bikes —ie: they should not be too fierce— which suggests that Guzzi recognise an issue here.)Â

 Have others found this? Have you a fix?


I’ve only owned my sport for a couple of weeks and yes, i have locked the rear twice, put it down to an unfamiliar bike, i remember my 1100 breva rear brake was quite poor in comparison…But no, didn’t realise a fix was needed. On another note i was trying to find out if anyone else in Scotland had the corsa paint job on their sport, just curious, can i ask what colour yours is?Â

Hi there,
 Yes, the rear brake is a bit sudden, (an American review mentions this too) but after a couple of skids (like you) I have adjusted. Nevertheless, in the event of a genuine sudden emergency, I’m not sure I trust my right boot to be quite so delicate as it needs to be, hence my query. My bike is a silver one by the way.