1200 Sport - Exhaust

I’ve got a 1200 Sport 4v (8v?), its the 4 valve head model anyway! I have a GPR exhaust can which I’ve fitted which is a lot lighter (but actually quieter) than the standard unit. The bike is popping and farting a little on the over run now, not desperately bad, but noticeable, so I’m going to try a finebau unit and see what differences that makes.

My question is does anyone make a cat delete pipe for the 1200 Sport? If I’m going down the route of changing the fuelling I thought I might as well get shut of the Cat if I can do so without breaking the bank in the process. I should add I’m not looking for any major power improvements (I’d go out any buy a Jap pocket rocket if I wanted a quicker bike), I’m just looking to make the bike’s power delivery more tractable and smooth.coolonthecoast2013-06-11 13:27:07

Try asking Roy at

I had a 1200 sport a couple of years ago and I bought a cat delete pipe from Agostinis in Mandello, nice bit of kit, and I bought it when I was in Mandello so got a deal on the price and no postage, can’t remember the exact price about £250 I think

The more you play with the exhaust the worst the popping will become without changing the ecu mapping. I suspect one of the reasons the 8 valve motor went back to a underslung collector box was to absorb some of the popping noise from the lean running motor. Guzzitech offer a solution with their $500 ecu reflash but you can see where the money starts going, tailpipe, cat eliminator, reflash etc. etc.
Best of luck with your ‘improvements’.DaveM2013-06-12 16:12:21