1200 sport GPS connector

Anyone know if and where there is a GPS connector in the standard wiring harness for the 8 valve sport?

At present I have the navigator cable plugged into the cigarette lighter socket under the seat with an adaptor but am keen to simplify this if possible.

I have seen on the Griso and Stelvio section that there is a tomtom connection cable built in from the factory. I suspect there is also a heated glove power cable, can either be used?

Where should I look for it on the 1200 sport?

Many thanks in advance

on the stelvio it is cable tied near head stock on left hand side I would look there first

That’s where it is, lift the tank, and it will be cable tied at the front end, with a tom tom connector fitted

Is it only the stelvio that has it fitted ?, what about Norge, do you know ?

The Griso has, so I would guess it’s part of the 8 valve loom. I use a Garmin :frowning:

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look

On my 8v Norge the TomTom connector was cable tied to the rear edge of the horizontal plate below the front of the tank. I had to move the tank back an inch or two to get to it.Dave