1200 Sport - Laminar Lip screen?

Has anyone tried one of these? The Laminar Lip is a small clear plastic deflector that mounts on top of the standard 1200 Sport cowl.

I couldn’t find any references in a Search of the forum. I wondered if there is any experience whether this product is better/worse than either a double-bubble screen or the standard set-up?

I find the standard cowl sufficient to 80mph but for higher speeds (I do a fair bit of mway in Europe) a little more protection would be comfortable, and something to deflect all the bugs picked up in Contiental riding.


Guy has made a couple of these up…one attached to the screen on a Griso…the other to the standard screen on a Mk2 Lemans and finds they do work…

I have not seen this, but would be very interested , where can you get them?
I was thinking of one of the higher screens from Skidmarx, but this might be a better idea as I also struggled on the Autobahn last year.

Hi Kate, could we have a photo of the Griso example please? Thanks, AndrewÂ