1200 Sport petrol tank removal

I want to lift the petrol tank on my 1200 Sport, just enough to run an electrical cable from battery to handlebars.

Any pointers on which screws at the front have to be be removed? My version of the 1200S Manual is missing the whole section on petrol tank removal; very Italian, almost humourous.

There looks to be, each side at the front, one screw going fore/aft into the tank through the louvered plastic trim-thing, and a second screw going sideways into the plastic/chrome trim-wings.

Do I need to remove both those screws? Are there any more attachment points at the front?

TooJuicy2014-08-22 13:59:15

I believe the the Sport is the same as the Breva. So, remove four screws to detach the “louvre” from the tank. There’re no others at the front. Remove the main bolt under the seat. Wiggle the tank back and lift - have a block of 4x2 handy to rest the rear of the tank on. The first time that I did mine, the tank was on very firmly and took a bit to move. It helps to have a near-empty tank.

Thanks, will remove the 4 front screws. Good tip abt tank being tight initially, I’d be hunting for further non-existent screws!

Note to Moto Guzzi: go look at a VFR, tank is held by two accessible bolts at front and whole tank hinged up (like car bonnet): none of this balancing the tank on blocks