1200 sport Stage 1 Kit

This is primarily aimed at thoe who have stage 1 kits fitted to the bike.

I’ve currently got the exhaust of the kit fitted to the bike, it makes a glorious noise but nothing much else.

So have decided that I should complete the installation, fit the ECU, junk the air box etc.

However I don’t want to run the bike without any air filters.

Has anybody fitted K & N’s or any other type of filter to the throttle bodies, do they fit in the space left and do they work.

Also, has anbody to installation instructions for the kit, when removing the air box I assume it will all be self explanitory, however just in case.


RemovedDaveM2013-10-21 10:17:26

Interesting… I am running a GPR can with a K&N at present but I am just about to order Todds airbox mod and buy a BMC filter locally.
However, I am pretty sure that I would then need to have a remap OR buy a PC V and get it dyno’d which is going to be expensive…

I have the 2v 1200 with the dealer fitted stage 1. When fitted with the bell mouth intakes and upgraded ECU + pipes the bike changed from a plodding popping slug, into a reasonably agile fun machine with loads of mid range torque. That can quite easily set off cheap car alarms if used carelessly.
Get rid of that airbox and do the job properly - I suspect you will love the difference.
As for the K&N idea, yes that is good - after 40,000 miles of using the open bell mouth intakes (even though they are hidden under the seat - it appears the engine has digested a number of small rodents and maybe a child that got too close. The dealer is talking of significant dirt that needs ultrasonically cleaned from the area, then the whole thing reassembling (something I am choosing to ignore at the moment).
There was an American owner on the (now closed down) 1200sport.com site who had the stage 1 fitted and had somehow cut away (all very professionally done) the side panels to expose a couple of K&Ns - but the picture has been taken down and I can’t find it anywhere. It looked good though.


Those rodents and children can also cause wear in the bores etc. An air filter is bound to be a good thing.

Cheers guys,

Thanks for the info.


I’ll get rid of the air box and fit the ECU with a couple of K & N’s and let you know how well I works.