1200 SPORT Starter relay wiring

Can anyone help with a wiring query on my 2008 1200 Sport?
I recently had the dreaded startus interuptus problem which I have sorted with a kit from MPH CYCLES in the states I am no electrician so this seemed the simplest solution. There is however a orange/yellow wire that looks like it has come detached from the white connector block for the relay. See attached photo (The heavy guage red wire is the starter solenoid feed that at some point in the past has been replaced) Where does this wire belong as there is no evidence as to where it was. It must do something as the bike now starts fine but ticks over at about 2000rpm and takes ages to warm up.
This is my first time posting on here or anyother forum so forgive me if I make a mess of this.

The only yellow/orange wire I can see (on Carl Allison’s wiring diagram here as I haven’t drawn this one yet) in that area, comes from the ignition relay. But if your bike starts without this it may have been bypassed in the past.

Thanks very much for taking the time to look. I have a copy of that diagram I think the heavy guage red wire has replaced the orange/yellow wire as thats the feed to the starter probably done under warranty as I have owned the bike since it was 18 months old. Maybe I have another problem in which case I think it may have to be a visit to a mechanic as its probably beyond my capabilities.

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I think you are right about the thick wire :+1: