1400 Cali gearbox selector springs

Anybody had there selector springs fail failed at 11,500 miles now at Jim Allen’s getting fixed hopefully won’t go over three figures for repair ? Jim allans fixed the bike turns out to be nackerd selector rod and bush dodged a bullet was going to be 700+ To fix just got shock mounting to sort now screws and fixings on the 1400s are pants.

Shock mount fixed only 40quid bill the biker Glasgow ,now the abs sensors not working going to try the calibration reset first before fitting the new sensors wish me luck new sensors just over 100 .

Back abs sensor fitted what a job at least I now have a speedo again the wiring is behind the left side panel you have to snip a few black ties to get to it you also need a small 7mm spanner to take the sensor off the swinging arm it only lasted 11’500 ml hopefully the new one should last longer .