1400 California Service Stand

Hi, has anyone either designed or made a stand that allows servicing of the 1400 California? If so can you give details. Hanging the bike on straps sounds a like a real mission, and a stand would be more practical.

Owning an Audace I have a similar issue. I talked to my dealer (Mo-Tech in NuT) and asked about the removal of the rear wheel to fit a new tyre when that occasion arises. They use a hydraulic bench, block the engine and jack the back end up. To permit removal of the rear wheel without any other shenanagans they have a removable bench section so the wheel can drop down. This is all and good if you have a bench, a jack, and a bench with a removable section! I don’t have the latter so…
I have two options:-

  1. Check the Audace wheel would drop through the bench if I modified it - it’s a fair sized back tyre.
  2. Check the Abba stand which I use for the Sportie and V7 Stone and go about getting bosses turned to fit the swinging arm pivot points.

Other than that it’s skyhooks!

Axle stand under right hand footrest hanger, lift bike up with left hand whilst placing another axle stand under left side hanger…works a treat with the XT225…simples! :laughing:

I have California Custom 1400. I bought a Clarke Motorcycle Lift when I had a Harley Road King many moons ago. I have used the lift successfully on the Cali (and yes, I got the back wheel off using it!). It takes a little bit of fiddling to get the stand in the ideal position to lift, but nothing too problematic. I’ve been more than pleased with mine.

Link: https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cml5-hydraulic-motorcycle-and-atv-lift/

Cheers! :smiley:

Yup Clarke lifts me Rocket 111 Touring for tyre changes too!

I’ve got this one sorted.
I bought a front wheel stand (the type with with a “roll over cup” that grips the front tyre as it rolls over centre). With the front end perfectly secure and the bike upright all servicing except rear wheel removal can now be carried out easily. Looking under the bike there is a substantial frame cross member directly below the real fork pivot. This has two half round tubes welded to it and it looks like this is for a jacking point. I have tried using a normal trolley jack and it lifts the bike perfectly and allows the rear wheel to be removed. My only challenge now is to be able to get the front wheel out!!! any thoughts?