1400 Touring - rear wheel removal issues

ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS WITH A 1400 - I fitted a new rear tyre on my 1400 yesterday, not without issue though, as the rear cush drive and cardon plate fell out whilst removing the wheel…! Checking MG’s Workshop Manual B043157 MY12-13 models, page 288 (attached) clearly shows that there should be a locking steel wire spring that locates with a rebated slot in the hub, similar to almost all other MG’s I’ve owned (in older models like my G5/1000 and T3 Cali) this is a large Sir-clip that fully locates and holds the plate in with the cush drive). Checking the parts manuals with TLM, Harpers and others, interestingly this part doesn’t exist on any model fiche …? Having the wheel fall apart in mid-removal is not great, anyone else found this “issue” and reported it perhaps… I did try to email Paiggio/MG on the website today but not unsurprisingly one of the mandatory drop down fields for enquiry type has no drop-downs, so you can’t send the email!!