17" wheels

I’m getting some spoked wheels made up and it dawned on me that I could make them 17" opening up a whole world of rubber.Any one here with any experience? The reason for asking is due to the tonti frame being so long, would it suit 17" wheels? I know some racers have them but that’s different…

Now this I am interested in.Cannot help with information but it seems the way fwd to me.

Million miles from a Tonti, but

Mrs C’s Nevada has a 18" wheel and my Breva a 17".
The Breva is noticeably more flick able in the twists.
Changing direction is so instinctive.
On the flip side the Nevada is much more stable on the long sweeping turns.
This variation only gives the bikes character. On neither bike is variation a problem. Both are sweet rides.

How wide a rear were you thinking of running? My own experience experimenting with tyre sizes on a Tonti frame is that they steer better with narrow rear tyres. You may need to modify your swinging arm to allow wider rubber if that is your intention.

The other issue to consider is ground clearance- a smaller diameter wheel plus low profile 17 inch rubber may reduce ride height enough to mean you are digging pegs / stands etc into the asphalt. You may need to modify your suspension to compensate.

Saying all that, it is definitely possible and Dynotec make some nice looking 17 inch wheel specials:

The Cali 1100i had a 17’’ rear as standard. As far as I know, the later ones (EV and so on) did too.

I have 17 " Dymags on one of my lemons…will take a pic…no detrimental effect on handling…wheels lite …steers quick…had to come up with a cunning plan…rear is slightly offset…no ill effects whatsoever !

Re ground clearance ~ it’s only half an inch lower.