1964 Stornello brake shoes wanted

Good evening! I am looking for some front brake shoes for a 1964 Stornello Turismo 125 - does anyone know where I might find some please? Regards Gary

I’m not aware of any for sale in the UK. They would have to come from Europe, Stein Dinse, Teo Lamers or from Italy.
If you have some old shoes, it should be possible to get them relined by someone like Villiers Services.

I also have a Turismo Stornello 1965.

Thanks for your advice, I did think of re-lining, Villiers seems good value. I have the shoes and have the unusual problem of a lining coming away from the shoe. Processing: IMG_20240309_074701014.jpg…. I am doing a preservation rather than a restoration on mine.

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I had a similar problem with mine & had them relined by a company in Leicester as I hadn’t heard of the Villiers people at the time. They took a while to bed in but are fine now.
Do you have the parts books, manual etc for your Stornello?

I only have a downloaded riders manual on my phone.

You might find this English Sevice guide quite helpful

And here is a parts list for the Turismo.

Let me know if you need any help with the bike as I have got a few Stornellos and know them pretty well.
This is my Turismo from 1965

96774959-Shangton020723-605 by Don West, on Flickr

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Thanks a lot Don, your bike looks lovely. Did you manage to find an air filter element ?

Unfortunately it is a Guzzi part, not a Dellorto part so is not available from Eurocarb. I think I got mine from Italy. The part number is 55113600. Here is a link to one for sale in Teo Lamers. They have a reasonable stock of spares and have a think if you need any other parts from them to save on postage


Hi Don, thanks for that. I only need the element so will keep looking or adapt something. Thanks for your help.

That looks like a nice unrestored example.
Looking at your photo, it looks like you are missing the whole air filter assembly, unless you have it stored somewhere.
Is that a hole in the end of the silencer? I’m sure I have a spare in the garage that is complete, but the chrome is quite poor. It would be very expensive to get it rechromed, but might suit your bike. This is it from a few years ago when I was rebuilding my bike.

I am doing a preservation rather than restoration, the patina tells a story. Yes I have filter housing, just removed. Yes silencer is holed. Where are you based Don?

I’m in Market Harborough, South Leicestershire. I’m sure I could post the silencer if necessary. Where are you?
If you are interested, I have been thinking about getting a complete filter assembly from Teo Lamers for mine, you could have the filter from that as I know mine is quite new.

I’m in rainy Devon near Exeter. That’s kind of you to think about my need of a filter. What would you want for them?

I have sent you a message with a few more photos. With regards the air filter, let me measure my old one to see if we can find a standard filter that will do the job.

That looks like it has just gone past the point of restoration using Autosol liquid chrome cleaner

But with a load of elbow grease it could look a bit better! :roll_eyes: