1972 Nuovo Falcone army which battery

A mate has just bought an ex army Nuovo Falcone (1972) which has an electric starter. We were wondering what is the best battery to fit that will be man enough for the job and not let him down.ThanksJames

James2014-06-16 09:03:26

Has he got a manual? Would have thought something 12ah upwards (though 30ah might be excessive would work), depends what fits too, under the seat isn’t it?italianmotor2014-09-04 11:44:13

Measure the space you to fit it in and then go onto Tanya UK and see what is available.

Thanks for your suggestions, turns out it isn’t electric start at all! which simplifies matters somewhat.James

James2014-09-04 11:58:41

In that case I reckon a 12ah battery will be fine…