1973 V7 Sport plastic fuse cover

Looking for one of these please.
Just the plastic cover.

what part of the world are you in, Ian? Guzzino.com seem to list them, but they are US-based. And of course, their site may not reflect actual stock… CEV #15866 Fuse Panel, NOS 3 Fuses

edit: apologies - on closer examination, although it looks similar, it is not the same. FWIW, when searching for parts, sometimes looking in the ‘images’ section the wanted might appear. hth

Hi Barry
Thanks for your reply. I only need the plastic cover so buying the whole thing might be an overkill. Someone else has suggested getting one 3D printed but I would need an original to copy. Best regards, Ian.

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A google search suggests theyare also common to Ducati and Moto Morini, it might be worth trying Ducati Paddy?

Thanks a lot. I’ve dropped Paddy a request.