1974 Elderado fuel addative

Hi, firstly thanks for all the input I received regarding my first post with questions referring to possible buy of 1974 Elderado, I have another general query if I may, the guy selling the bike uses as an upper cylinder lubricant, 2 stroke oil, ive got a Triumph T140v and use Castrol UCL, id like to know the general opinion as to what would be best for the Eldo. Thanks for any response.

I don’t know that UCL is really necessary for Guzzis, or T140’s.I don’t use it, never have.I shall be interested to read other people’s opinions though.

I don’t use anything in mine, which is still on original chrome bores as far as I know. I use Shell V-Power fuel whenever possible, mostly because I think it is ethanol free.

Always put 97 octane in all my bikes. Carry Millers additive if 97 not available or if fuel may be sitting around in tank for a time.

Yeah - I’m presuming to just use high octane on mine with no additives. Though it is in dry dock for the moment awaiting attentions.