1974 Eldo tires

Hi, after a few niggles ive now had the Eldo on the road a couple of months and covered about 650 miles, runs very well and im just about getting used to it as its totally different to anything ive ridden before, mostly had sport [ tounge in cheek ] /tourers. One thing ive noticed is that over white lines and poor road surfaces ie grooves in surface, repared service trenches etc the bike can wobble a bit, so I took a close look at the tires, and yes I think this is the problem, front made in Korea by Shinko ? tubless, and rear made in Taiwan by Cheng Shin ? tubed, good tread on both which when buying the bike was all id taken acount of, so as these are undoubtably rubbish, question is what tires would be the ones to have ?

On my 1974 850T I used to fit Metzeler ME99 120/90 V 18 rear and ME 33 LASER 100/90 V 18 front, both tubed on spoked wheels with Boranni rims. These tyres are no longer available new (I have seen them advertised on eBay as NOS (New Old Stock) but I am not sure that I want 20 year old tyres) so I am looking at either buying Metzeler Lasertec (approx £190.00 for the pair, but the only rear I can find is H rated) or Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 (approx £180.00 for the pair) the jury is still out.

I run Avon Roadriders on my 850GT loop and they seem fine for how I ride. I have Bridgestone BT45 on my Spada. Not tried them on the loop, but I know others have.

I’ve got bt45s on my loop and have been pleased with the way the bike handles and have found them quite sticky. However I’ve noticed that the rear is wearing quite fast and I don’t think I’ll get 5000 miles out of it, but we’ll see. Mind it wouldn’t stop me fitting them again.
Cheers Ian

Thanks, for the advise, i think ill go for the Avon Roadriders, they will get changed this coming winter.

I’m running Road Riders on mine, and if anything I’d say they are too much tyre for my bike. In the hot weather I was touching the runner boards down on both sides, and seemingly with plenty more left. And I’m certainly no hero in the twisties. Reckon I’ll be looking for something harder and longer lasting next time out, maybe with more of a period looking tread pattern. White walls?