1976 750S3 for sale

Owned by me since 1998. Frame number ends 366 which puts it about a 3rd of the way through the 950 total built. Guzzisti will know how rare these bikes are. 49500miles. Recon cyl heads and gearbox in my ownership, history of all work done and photos on request. Those who have seen this bike will be aware that it currently has a different top yoke and straight bars but I have all original parts, including switchgear…which mostly works! Pampered bike with little recent use due to knackered knee. Two independent valuations of £15k which seems a bit mad! Before I go to Car & Classic and/or auction, thought I’d advertise here - and I’m not looking for this price if it goes to a club member. Stock of spares included. robinpadgett14@gmail.com if you are seriously interested!!

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Hi @padgman - good luck with your sale. Just a point of order: Gambalunga requires details of: bike/year/miles/details/price/contact details/area. The club marketplace asks similarly, so it seems reasonable to expect the same on this club facility, even if OIRO. Note that you might also upload a picture or two, if you are able - thank you for your understanding.

My apologies. Most of the details are on my original post, although I quoted the wrong mileage: should read 46500. It is, as are almost all S3s, a 1976 bike. Looking for £13500 if sold via this forum (taking into account the fees and VAT if selling via auction). When I get around to Car & Classic advert the price will go up to the full £15k as per valuations mentioned in earlier post. I live in Shropshire. Lots of history in my ownership - available on request

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Can I ask who supplied you with the independent valuations? I have an S3 too, owned for over 30 yeras, and should really look at getting it valued by someone other than me. Thanks!