I have just removed front wheel to replace fork seals and wheel spacer on RHS (if on bike) dropped out of me grasp when takin out axle.
The spacer internally seems to have one side tapered and one side with a step . Does anybody know which way round it should be replaced. Stepped or tapered side to wheel bearing ?

Appreciate any help manuals dont mention anything

Hi, I have a 1980 T3 so spacers etc might not be the same.
By the RHS I assume you mean the side with the axle nut (short spacer).
I don’t remember any step or taper but it may help to look closely at the spacer and look for marks etc, or place the spacer against the wheel bearing and see which end most closely matches the bearing inner.
According to Guzziology, if the spacer is tapered, the smaller diameter always goes against the wheel bearing to ensure only the bearing inner is contacted.

Hope this helps.


Stu thanks have fitted tapered side to bearing and when wheel refitted and tightened it spun very freely as before.

Took it for spin and seem absolutely fine.

Thanks for help