1976 t3 fuse box

hi all
does anyone have a diagram or schematic of the t3 fuse box :confused:
ie what fuse covers what circuit 1 through 6
ie lights
grateful for any info!
thanks all be safe .

According to the Haynes manual:
1 is horn, brake lights, headlamp flash
2 is start relay, indicators
3 is headlight, oil pressure, neutral, charge lamp
4 is sidelight and lights-on lamp
5 & 6 not used

I’ll try and put my computer on later and scan it. I don’t have a T3 so no idea if this is accurate

I think ignition is un-fused, if same as my Spada.

You can get the manuals at: http://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_tonti_workshop_manuals___shop_manuals___service_manuals.html
It covers the T3.

If you send me your email address via PM I will send you a pdf copy of a coloured wiring diagram I have drawn.
The ones on this old tractor site are ok but there are some colour errors that I have spotted so be aware. Also they do not print well below A1 size

The fuses are as noted above

1 Horns, flash & stop lights
2 Starter & Indicators
3 Lights & idiot lights
4 Parking lights
5 Spare
6 Spare

The ignition is unfused and is supplied from the rectifier via the ignition switch

^ I concur.

1 thru 4 go through ignition switch:

1, 2, & 3 from brown wire. (‘run’ only)

4 from green wire. (‘run’ and ‘park’)

White wire goes direct to kill switch, thence ignition circuit.

Fuses 5 & 6 are normally permanently live, or they are if you have a time clock (e.g. Spada / LM2 etc.). This is handy for doing starter relay modification, get a live feed off 5 or 6. I used 5, as clock and power socket already on 6.

thanks to all of you who replied with information very helpful (still learning but dislike electrics 40 year old ones in particular ) :smiley:

Email sent

Ignore the bs about Guzzi electics, they are very well made and thought out, back then certainly.
Take electrics one step at a time, same with plumbing or mechanicals and it is simple.
But even a skilled electrician will be lost without a book of strings so take up Chris950s’s offer.