1977 T3. Timing chain. How long should they last?

Anyone know roughly how many miles you should expect from the timing chain before it should be replaced? Cheers

If you still have the manual adjuster, Guzziology recommends that you should adjust it every 5000 miles. But it is better to fit an automatic sprung adjuster. When the chain rattles against the cam chest cover at low revs it is time to change the chain. It is also suggested that the original chain is not the best bit of kit to fit, Tsubaki chain with a split link is recommended in Guzziology as a better replacement.

Still have a spare timing chain bought for a 79 Spada which was converted to toothed belt, the chain is still in it’s Unipart box marked up for a Rover 2000! They were less than half the Guzzi price at the time. Will keep it for the Convert when required.

Mine was changed at 43k by Baldrick but more because it had the old tensioner as Chris described above and he was ‘in the engine’ anyway so it made sense to change it then rather than it being worn out. It was actually still quiet.

After about 30K miles a manual tensioned chain will be cutting into the cases.
As above, fit an auto tensioner and new chain, then forget about it for another 60k miles I would say.