1978 Big Block 35mm fork upgrade .

As above , any suggestions for making these forks a tad more compliant for a street bike, find mine a bit harsh on a run around the Fen roads ?.

I have 38mm Marzocchi forks on mine and they suit the Tonti frame well in my opinion.

Its just finding a pair Chris .

I’m just now fitting progressive springs to my standard dampers on a T3 Cali - will let you know how I get on.

Great ! thanks :slight_smile:

FAC dampers and dual rate springs plus a fork brace are good if you cannot find 38mm Marzzochi’s.

Aren’t FACs air assisted? How does one adjust air pressure if top of fork leg is used to secure instrument binnacle? Or is the valve somewhere else?

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Air valve comes out of the fork top nut.
Never known it to be a problem.

I had my T3 35 mm forks converted to take Suzuki GSXR 600 internals.

Darren at MCT suspension, Stowmarket did the work.

Not fitted them yet, but have to be better than the originals.

How much for the Suzuki conversion O.R ?.

PM’d you

Interesting. I know of a few who have gone down a similar route.
Most then upgraded their rear suspension before finally going back to oe equipment.
The 38mm conversion fits so easily onto the Mk111 lemon that I am convinced it was originally going to be oe until the factory cut back on costs.

With ohlins SP36s on the rear, it should be ok :mrgreen:
(When it’s finished !)

I have Wilbers on the rear , feel the front needs some upgrading to make a decent set up

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ducati-Bevel-Moto-Guzzi-Laverda-38mm-Marzocchi-Fork-Lowers-/172124693743? Just the lowers but it’s a start! :smiley:

Thanks Chris :wink: