1978 V35 wiring loom connectors

Hi, Trying to put the loom back on the bike with much help from someone who knows. It appears my bike has the loom from a mk3 V35. I need some of the 6 and also 12, pin connectors. They are white and remind me of a cartoon image of a factory when viewed straight on. My friend has been trying to source some so has the loom so I can’t post a pic.
Any one have any or know where I can get some?

Hi Neil, my understanding is they are Molex connectors. I assume you are in the UK. You should be able to find suppliers who can provide the plastic parts as well as the male and female contact connectors. Good luck, Phil

Hi Phil, Molex, that’s very helpful, thanks. Yes I’m in Cornwall and there’s a local auto supplier who said he couldn’t get them so I’ll have a scout round the usual suspects, flea bay etc.

Molex - Gutsibits or Vehicle Wiring Products have supplied these for me in the past. Pins, too. Molex pin removal tool a good investment- especially if you can get a cheap, used one on the Bay of E


PC parts suppliers like overclockers . co . uk selling molex tools for next to nothing. Older pcs used molex for connecting motherboard power supply to hard drives and GPUs etc.

Edit: just had a look and the tool they sell now is a bit fancier than the old ones I used to get that were very cheap.

This is what I used :


Cheap one here:


gutsibits have 12 pin molex blocks and pins listed. Same on my v50.

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Thanks Royston.
What year is your V50? I wondered if it may be a similar layout to my '78 V35 only I’m having trouble finding where the regulator, fuse box, etc. are mounted as everything was removed from the bike when I bought it.

My v50 mk11 is first reg in 83. Fuse box under seat. Two molex 12 pin connectors on right side mounted in substantial brackets.

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Cheers Royston :+1: