1980 Convert Clutch Out Switch

Hi all, my Convert has no clutch out switch. Does anyone know where the switch should be located and what it looks like. If so please let me know.
Many thanks, Phil

This should have said clutch cut out switch.

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As far as I can make out from the wiring diagram in the workshop manual I have see here it is noted as “Switch on clutch control wire” can this mean that it is a switch which is part of the clutch cable? On Carl Allison’s diagram see here it is noted as the neutral switch, but I am not sure that this is correct as the switch controls current to the starter motor relay.

I’ve got a brake light switch like this on my Triumph front brake which makes the brake light circuit when you tension the brake cable. On the convert wiring diagram it is shown between the live supply and the starter motor relay, so that the relay has no power until the clutch lever is pulled in.
From the wiring I cannot tell what it looks like or where it is. The next question would be “Is it really necessary?” I will let you ponder that one. :thinking:

Yes it is a switch that is incorporated into the clutch cable. :grin: I had one once (to see what it was like?) and the switch is a bit ‘flakey’ – a rubber thing with 2 contacts inside and a round plate or big washer (I’m going from memory), and surrounded by a gaiter – when the cable is tightened, the rubber squashes down so that the 2 contacts can touch the ‘washer’ and make the circuit. I wasn’t over-enamoured with it and instead looked at placing a microswitch to be operated by the clutch arm on the back of the gearbox. That worked fine.


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Thanks for the replies. At least I now know where the switch should be. It looks like I’ll have to buy a new clutch cable to have it in place. Whether I’ll connect it up (along with the side stand switch) remains to be seen. I might do it just for the sake of originality. Cheers Phil

There must be a lot of them out there that people have taken off their bikes that you could get?

I just remembered, I stopped using the switch cable because the rubber block compressing made the clutch action feel vague, with longer than normal travel, I didn’t like that so took it off and got a ‘normal’ cable. But I kept the switched one as an emergency spare though.

This image from the Gutsibits site (filed under “clutch cables”/Convert) might perhaps be helpful?

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Yep that’s the kiddie!