1981 T3 Cali wiring issues

Hi all,

Happy VE 75.

I’ve got some wiring issues with my T3 after I took the headlight off to paint and can’t seem to get it working properly now it’s back on.

Does anyone know of a Guzzi electrics expert who I could consult please?


Tony P

What problems have you got?
Common problem around the headlight area is loosing an earth. Caused me all sorts of wierd issues when it happened on my Spada. Lights were coming on when they shouldn’t and not when they should.
If you want someone to look at it, where abouts are you?
Towzer is good if you are near Nottingham, Nigel at NBS, Baldrick South London are a few that come to mind.

What is not working?

There are a few multi pin plugs in the headlamp shell and over time the pins and scockets vibrate loose. Well looser. I suspect that it is either a poor connection or a bad earth as Don suggests, infact if you have painted the headlamp shell that could well be the case. Run a wire from the earth in the headlamp (black wire) to the engine and see if that fixes thinhs. If not disconnect the multi pin plugs and clean the contacts. I made a tool out of an old compass arm, that was in effect a tube with the internal diameter just smaller (lucky that!) than the outside of the sockets in these connectors and used it to close them down just enough to make a tight connection again.

If you are unsure about the wiring I can send you a pdf copy of my wiring diagram, send me your email address via PM if you want one.

When I took my headlight off a '76 T3 Cali, it dislodged one of the multi pins , a quite important one , the feed to the coil so no sparks, on removal couldn’t see why there was no continuity so bought new pins from towtronics and with a new piece of wire connected it all up and everything works great, also cleaned every connector before putting it all back together.

Well done, it looks like spagetti but it is logical!

Great to hear you have it sorted and you should have banished future problems by cleaning the rest of the contacts.