1981 T4 ADVICE

I am considering parting with my T4 but I was wondering what sort of price it would be reasonable to ask. She is very clean, runs well, timing chain, brakes and electronic ignition recently fitted, deep sump kit, two screens for fairing, stainless silencers, and rear carrier, electrics worked over by Ferret electrics… A much loved and garaged bike 57K on the clock.

Thoughts and advice most welcome


Got to be at least 3k, probably the best is flea bay with a set reserve. Then the price someone actually is prepared to pay is achieved. Strangely some classics seem to be sticking been looking at rocket 3s (why) there are a lot that have been around for ages. Another marker I’m looking at a bike from early 70s,go back from then,the same time period and your just after the First World War! Did we look at bikes from 1918 ? 15 years no one will know what a rocket 3 is🤔

If you do put it on ebay, mention T3 in the title as they seem to be more popular than the T4, Spada etc, despite them being almost identical.
It should certainly be worth £3K, I would say a bit more if it is neat and tidy looking.

Similarly I have a Mille Gt runner but needs restoration, has wire wheels which must be a bonus if making a Le Mans or Cali look like. Would 3500 be fair or optimistic,
Any opinions out there
Regards Ratt

Hi Old Dog
Have pm,d you about pictures.
Cheers Andy