1982 Imola front air suspension


Supposedly my '82 Imola would have originally had air suspension at the front? This does not seem to be the case now - I took out the top bolt in the pic and it looks oily but no hiss of air. No surprise really after 37 years. My question is if anyone can tell if this is the original set up minus air or a different set of forks? Maybe not possib;le - I just want to understand what I’ve got without stripping it all down. If there is no air and its original does it matter?

Looks like the top tree has received some abuse with a hammer and the tree has been relieved of their paint too.

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Triple tree a.JPG

Looks like bog standard non-air-assisted to me. Tho I’ve never had air-assisted. Waste of space IMHO, a fad borrowed from racing fashion of the time. But someone more knowledgeable can put me right if I’m wrong.

If was air-assisted I would expect to see unions on top of some sort to pump them up with. But again never had AA forks so am guessing.

My Imola II had it. As I recall it had two O-ring sealed braclets with a link tube that cover two holes in the forks just under the top yoke. One of the bracelets has a tyre valve for topping up. 8 - 12 psi.

Thanks, from what I’ve read the air system was a top up (maybe a gimic?) to a conventional pair of forks so with a bit of experimentation should be able to make them work OK with fork oil.

Thanks this is an Imola 1 so I think had a vertical valve on top of each fork tube. Guzzibits sell air units to this design. should I ever feel like splurging £200

I might actually be talking complete guff. All the photos of Imola 1 bikes seem to show forks like mine so maybe I am getting confused and its the Imola 2 that had the air.

To be fair, I could feel an improvement in braking control without suffering a firmer ride. Slightly better ground clearance.

Just looks pretty much std Veefer - though I think my bolts have a kind of pylon effect that the clocks then mount on to.

To be honest I think the fork action on the V50 is a bit of a let down, and I have considered trying some kind of upgrade on mine - though 37 years into ownership I still haven’t quite got around to it. And I am on my third OE front end now.

I’d be looking for progressive springs first.

Can’t seem to find an option to post a new thread from my mobile so …

I am looking for rearsets for my 82 Imola. Gutsibits say no one makes them. Anyone know different or of a universal set that works?