1984 V35TT

Had a search on here but found nothing…anybody got one??

In the process of rebuilding a V35TT that I acquired last year as an Italian import, only 20,00km in 30 years!!

Photos are here  Dropbox - Error

Documentation is a little light, got most of the web documents but nothing that specific to the 350TT, mostly the V35.

Only running on one pot, so l/h head is off at present, carbs have been cleaned and there are sparks to both plugs
Also pulled the brakes apart and will replace the hoses, callipers and seals were all good after a clean up.
Will replace the fork oil. Tyres look OK but we’ll see how they handle and the wheels will clean up with a good amount of elbow grease.

Any tips or pointers appreciated

My V35 Imola II used to suffer with rust collecting in the filter on the side of the carb where the fuel pipe enters. Black plastic dome thing with a 10mm a/f bolt in it.

give the fuse box a dam good clean up, I have a V65 which was low mileage and had spent ten years off the road, I had a few electrical problems all traced back to a fuse box which had a small amount of corrosion at the rear. take a long look at all the connectors on the bike including the 12 and 15 pin ones if fitted, clean with a small wire brush and spray with an Electrical Switchgear cleaner, not WD40, renew any spade connectors going into the front and rear lights, your light bulbs will thank you for that, and the bulbs will shine brighter

Looks pretty good from the pics. Not sure I’d have pulled the head - did it show anything up? I’m told the points ignition on the small blocks is a bit of a pain so you may choose to switch to an electronic alternative.

Thanks for the replies, all useful.

Electrics look good, the bike has been dry for most of its life, not much corrosion.

The carbs did look a little blinded on the inlet.

I pulled the head as the compression was down,seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’ve cleaned out all the carbon and will refit, bore and piston looks ok as do the rings