1991 750T

Can any one help with the diamensions of the spacer in the front wheel between the speedo drive and fork leg, the drive is on the right hand side

Have a read of this thread. It does relate to a V50 but these things rarely vary significantly.This shows the thicker section of the spindle through the right side up against the speedo drive. A spacer between the speedo drive and the hub (about 3 to 4mm) and a loose spacer on the left side.I may be talking rubbish as the 750T may be different, but check you do have things assembled in the correct order. The parts book is good for this, you can see just what bits you should have and what order they go in.

Hi don the 750t seems to be a bit different the spindle goes in from the left hand side with the calipers hanging behind the forks , I seem to have sorted it. A 1mm spacer between the speedo drive and the wheel and a 5 mm spacer between the drive and the fork leg all is good, had to drop it all out again tonight as when I fitted the tyre to the newly painted rim I use shot lengths of edging rubber to stop the levers damaging the paint, I was sure I had 2 before fitting the tyre and only 1 after, guess we’re the other one was. Yes your right in the tyre!! Out with the wheel lol. Tomorrow is the big day lets see if she runs, no not run her since obtaining her I know a bit screwy but if the engines naf I can always break he and get 3 times what I have paid out. But at 11k think she’s gonna be a good un. Pics to follow when wheels back in.