1994 Cali' 3, charging light

The charging light has decided to flicker when engine is idling! appears to be more constant when the lights are off.

I should add that last week I removed a fork leg, and unbolted the headlight, which hang unsupported for a few minutes. Just mentioning this in case a wire may have come loose. I’m unsure if there is anything in the headlight that connects to the charging system.

It may be the case that the idle rpm has dropped slightly, hard to tell, as when idling, the engine doesn’t reach the point on the rev counter where it moves, it never has since I’ve had the bike. at just under 1,000 rpm the light goes out.

When riding home from work last night in the dark, lights were just as bright as normal.

Battery is less than two years old.

Bike has done 34,000 miles.

Thoughts anyone?

Just looked in Guzziology, it states that "the light should fade as the engine speed rises until it goes completely out, usually well before 2,000 rpm ". But maybe that’s on older models?

I’ll get my voltmeter out and see if anything obvious seems to be wrong. But, as it’s currently ( excuse the pun :laughing: ) charging when riding, I doubt if there’s anything obvious to see.

Incidentally, the battery is usually connected to an Optimate battery charger.

Have a look at the alternator brushes, are they too short or hung up, had this with my R80 and that was the cause. May not be it but something to eliminate.

Does the Cali 3 not have the Saprisa alternator, no brushes? I think mine has and it’s 88. It only has 2 yellow wires up from the alternator to a combined rectifier regulator. The charge light on mine doesn’t seem to work at all so I fitted a voltmeter, that gives a constant 14V when riding.

A reply from the GS website on their Guzzi section.

Tickover should be around 1100 IIRC.

I have mine set just off stall which is too low but I like the sound of it ‘just’ hanging on in there & chuffing away Anyway, when it’s chuffing away my charge light flickers, as soon as the revs hit 1000ish out it goes.

If your charge light goes out and stays out as soon as your rev counter moves and your battery isn’t flat after running with your lights on I don’t see a problem.


Didn’t know that, so I’m torking borrox … :smiley:

Adjusted the idle, light has gone out.