1996 Cali 1100i

I reported on this site recently, that my Cali had developed a fault. Occasionally the engine cuts out while I am riding. Once I stop the bike fires up ok and continues to run. This has happened 3 times in a period of a month. I now think I may have a loose connection to the starter button on the handlebar. If I do have a loose connection to the starter button. Could this stop the engine while I am riding? While I am talking about the starter button…underneath the starter button, on the bottom of the switch, is a rough edged wheel. What is it for? Steve
steveindenmark2012-10-12 18:27:07

Does the wheel point up from the bottom and you can screw it in? If so it is a VERY crude cruise control type of thing. You tighten it up and something presses on the throttle barrel and it can stay open when you take your hands off the bars. never saw the point of it myself.It will be nothing to do with your cutting out problems, that is probably a bad connection somewhere. possibly to the kill switch, that could cause it as could a dodgy cut out switch in the side stand etc. Intermittent faults are the worst.

I didn`t think it was that wheel Don, I have never noticed it before I started hunting for this fault. I am pretty sure the fault is in the handlebar swich. I undid the 2 allen bolts but I could not get it apart. Any suggestions? Steve

I’ve got the same bike as you, mine did the same thing but wouldn’t re start at all, it turned out to be the side stand inhibitor switch.

If this is the case with your bike the switch needs to be unplugged from the loom then it should be O.k.

I am almost certain it is the handlebar switch and not the sidestand. When I tried to start it yesterday I could hear the fuel pump start up but when I pushed ther starter button, nothing happened. I gave the handlebar switch a couple of taps and it started up. I did this on 2 occasions. I just need to know how to get the handlebar switch open to search for a loose connection. Steve

AFAIK it should just be the two screws accessed from below - might need a bit of ‘gentle persuasion’? It might not just fall apart as the twistgrip and cable run within it I believe.Have you got the Guzzi Factory Parts Database? The copy I have covers your bike and if you want one PM your address and I’ll burn it to a CD and get it in the post.

guzzijack2012-10-13 15:26:29


Steve, i had a very similar problem on my previous Cali EV. I took the switch apart by removing the two allen bolts underneath ( note which comes from where as they are different lengths ) .
Nothing will fall apart or jump out but still be gentle with it.
You will have more access if you disconnect the throttle cable from the twistgrip ( easy ) and even better on your bike than an EV as it will probably only have one cable rather than the two on an EV
With everything opened up i literally washed the whole switch assembly out with WD40 as there was quite a bit of old crud in there. I ensured all moving parts visible were clean and then installed fresh electric grease.

It totally solved mine and is so simple it’s worth a look.

Cheers DarrylDazGuzzi2012-10-20 11:02:01

I’d advocate using a decent dedicated electrical contact/switch cleaner in there rather than WD40. It doesn’t cost much and will do a better job - plus it won’t put your plastics at risk of being made brittle.