1996 California Fork Removal

Hi all,

I am going to replace the front fork stanchions on my 96 California 1100i. I have never tackled this before and wondered if anyone had any literature they could send me on how this is done. The manuals I have don’t go into enough detail for it.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.


Been thinking of this myself…However you go first, and let us know how it goes
Where have you got the stantions from, been looking at the st st from Gutsibits


I got the stanchions from Gutsibits, not cheap, but heyho. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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Fork stanchion removal is pretty straightforward, remove brake calipers, wheel and mudguard, also fork brace if fitted. Drain fork lowers via allen bolts at rear, undo allen bolts in base of sliders (inside wheel spindle hole). Remove lowers and springs, take care not to lose internal locating plates from bottom of lowers. Now is a good time to remove plugs from upper end of stanchions, these are very fine threaded. Now undo clamp bolts on upper and lower triple clamps and stanchions should slide out, if stuck or corroded a spray with AFC50 or similar should help. Hope this helps.