!200 Sport - Flash/Pass button

Has anyone got any suggestions how I can stop this button (located at the front of the switchgear) from getting loads of corrosion on the contacts which then stops it working; its the second time this year that I am going to have to clean up the contacts?

Hand guards, Moto-cross stylee?
Or make sure it can drain to the bottom and pack it with vaseline daily?

Not (yet) beena problem on my GRiSO

I have run with the stelvio hand guards for a number of winters and years, but found the hand protection for weather wasn’t good, I still had the pass button problem but not as frequently.

I think I had put vaseline in last time, but I am thinking of trying to make a small rubber shield to go around the button (a job to think about).

Will be looking while cleaning the contacts tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Thanks for mentioning this, the new V7 850 has it too, I might look at getting some electrical grease into there. :+1:

going to try a small rubber strip and see if that works
from this:-

to this:-