2000 Cali ev rear crankcase oil seal

Hi all

Took my Cali out for a short run on Friday and returned with slipping clutch and dripping oil. I figure that the flywheel oil seal has failed.
I am wondering if it can be replaced without removing the engine? What problems am I likely to encounter? All advice and help gratefully received



You can remove the gearbox without removing the engine. First remove the rear wheel, shocks, swingarm, exhaust system, detach clutch, throttle, speedo and rev counter cables, remove the battery tray and front wheel, support under the sump with suitable blocks of wood, then unbolt the rear frame bolts and loosen the front bolts and “crab” the frame. This means lift the back of the frame pivoted on the front frame bolt and prop the frame with a suitable block of wood. You could lift the whole main frame off if you prefer, this leaves the engine and gearbox on the bottom frame rails with the centre stand and blocks of wood under the sump supporting it. Crabbing is similar but you may find there is less to remove or disconnect.

Remove the rear engine bolt through the back of the gearbox, undo the gearbox nuts holding it onto the engine and remove the gearbox, remove the clutch and at last you can see the oil seal at the back of the crank. Re-assembly is the reverse, the only special tool you will need is to centre the clutch plates, but you can use the splined clutch centre rather than the factory tool.

If you don’t fancy doing all this yourself give Baldrick a call, his number is in the back of Gambalunga. Good luck.

Oil could come from the back of the crank case or the front of the gearbox. The two oils are quite different of course so check to be sure where you are looking. Then what Chris said.

Gear oil has a very distinctive smell so you can easily tell if it is gearbox or engine oil.
I would give the bell housing a good clean down and see where the oil is coming from before tearing it apart as it can travel and drip off the lowest point.

There is a very good article by Pete Roper on crabbing the frame; which is the best way of doing the job.


If you search there is also stuff on replacing the clutch (while it is off) and re-shimming the gearbox. I did all of these and it makes a big difference to gear changes and the overall ride.

There are some pitfalls; don’t push the new seal in too far as there is no register to push against and you can block the oilways. You will need to get or devise some tools for clutch locking and centering, etc.

Also something to hold the crabbed frame apart helps enormously.